Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Going home

for the Twins Birthday. Nice long (short) weekend. Try to give Brenda a break without becoming a fourth kid. Hopefully see a few of the gang. Cram as much cuddle time with the short people as possible before whisking away again for another lonely month or so.

Trying to work up an idea to get Bren out here for a long weekend so she can see what I've gotten us all into. Will try to start scouting for residences after I get back from D. There is a house right down the street from Greg that has been for sale almost since I got out here and it just got a For Rent sign out front. $5000/month! Sure it's been remodeled but gimme a break. I can't imagine you'd remodel a house THEN leave. It should only be listed for $700K or so for the area so they must really have it up there if it's sat vacant for 4 months.

Cousin Carl's wife, Nicholle wants to come down for a few days with Maggie to help out Bren. Lots of sleepovers for Virginia. Great idea. We are fortunate to be able to recruit out-of-towners to come help. Maybe we can get Bren's mom and Bonnie and Larry to tag-team to get Bren up here in March.

Sunday was Superbowl. Awesome game actually. A touchdown return on the opening Kickoff! In the rain! Great start for the Bears until the Colts started to pull away. When back and forth for awhile as people tried to figure out how to not fumble a wet football. Attended Burbank Bar & Grille's screening with Stewart and Matt from FLO and Jason Dorf from DNA. Shuttled between both parties. Met Rick who was a friend of Dorf's and Joe Riley's from The Vault days back in Dallas. He was impressed to see a fan from Big D out here. Very encouraging.

Friday was also at BB&G cuz Gasaway dropped in town for a meeting at Nickelodeon. Met up with Him, Dorf, and Tom Wright from Disney. It's a cool industry type bar. Nice hangout. Some girls on a birthday night out stumbled by and handed us a goodie bag with candy and baby bottles of Rum. The waitresses were kind enough to supply us with glasses, ice and coke for a free drink. Tom is a Mack Daddy. The type that complains that all his buddies have gotten married yet complete hottie-ish strangers will fall into his lap as if on cue cuz he looked lonely. Maybe single women can smell wedding rings like dead skunks.

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