Monday, June 25, 2007

T-minus 5 days and counting

Greg left for the east coast yesterday. He will be gone for the whole month of July doing yardwork and remodeling on the old homestead. I think he finally made it to Hartford today after spending the night in the Charlotte airport. There was a burst pipe at LAX so Greg and 1000 friends got delayed and once he got to Charlotte, everyone had gone home and were less than helpful.
Hung out at Dockweiler Beach in Playa Del Rey on Saturday and worked on my sunburn. Nice secluded beach just north of LAX. nice scenery. Caught up with Tiffany on sunday and helped her move into her new place in Culver City/Venice area. Alone at last. She's trying to get into the VFX biz as a coordinator/supervisor so she's near plenty of studios. Good Luck girl.
The interviews at IMAGI and Omation both went well. The good news is they both want me. The bad news is they both want me. So far, both studios have expressed interest but I haven't signed anything. I will check in on IMAGI this week to be sure they truly are interested and to spark a bidding war if Omation can come up with the dough. Plusses and Minuses abound at both. IMAGI is feature work, in L.A., and Union. Omation is T.V., non-Union, in San Juan Capistrano and I know nearly half the studio. I can get a lot more house for the money down south and feel better about moving the family out West. a little more stability in the TV gig and Mike has been promoting me like mad to the producers. I already turned him down once so I'd hate to burn that bridge for good. Omation would have to seriously low-ball an offer for me to bow out graciously. IMAGI is a new-ish studio but they are really pushing the CG medium with their new feature Gatchaman (U.S. G-Force). I could stay at Greg's for little while longer and could stay within the L.A. network close to DWA if they ever call back. Being a Union shop, there could be a lot more money and the union benefits. Long-term, IMAGI sounds like the way to go career-wise. Family-wise, Oceanside CA has some really nice houses for reasonable money. *sigh* Next thing I know, both will decline and I'll be right back where I started unless PLF calls back. Oy, the ulcers!
So five more days at DWA, one more crew screening on Friday, an exit interview sometime, a cinematographer Q&A Thursday, a new sequence to start this week, a Layout show update on Tuesday and Pirates 3 at Monday Night Movie. i wonder if i'll get some last-minute extension at my exit. wouldn't matter cause I already plan to go home for 2 weeks. And it woulnd't be worth it unless the upped my contract and it seemed pretty clear that wasn't going to happen. Dallas, here i come.

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Anonymous said...

I heard you were fired because of your bad attitude, rude behavior, and forgetting your place at the company. nothing to do with your contract extension. Keep deluding youself that anyone else wants you.