Sunday, August 5, 2007

10 People

So Bren and I were talking on Skype as we do so I can see the kids and she mentioned how she was thinking about her life and turning 40 and mortality and mid-life crises and all those things that drive you crazy because you're reaching a milestone. When Bren's 30 birthday is the date of Princess Diana's death and she'll never forgive her for it. Now on the eve of her 40th, the I-35 bridge in Minneapolis can crashing down into the Mississippi River and people have died or are missing. This is a bad track record that has drug her down a bit and led her to contemplate her own mortality. She wanted to let 10 people she knew who had impacted her life, good or bad, that she was appreciative of their lives. Whether or not she could contact them, she needed to get the idea out of her head. So we're doing this together so it'll seem less "girly".

10 people who have impacted my life who are not family members in no particular order:

Greg Kimble - my Los Angeles wife

Johan Klingler - integrity in art

Steve Kolbe - set me on the path

Chris James - The Best Friend

Felicia Lyon - the first love

Duane Smith - College buddy and comics pusher

Kip Bilderback - Theater older brother

Andrew Doucette - Grade School chum who moved to Connecticut

Mr. Reimers - First art teacher who knew how to make art fun

Brenda Vieths - a pretty girl who liked comics and beat me at pool

There are many others, of course, who impacted my life, but these
are the ones that probably turned me into the direction I'm heading now.


Duane said...

Dangit, I can't believe I made your top ten list, dood! LOL

When did you move to L.A.???

I haven't bought a comic in, like, 10 years. I did, however, just buy 300 on DVD. You know how much of a Frank Miller whore I was. Ha!

C:) said...

Dude, haven't you been reading the blog? I moved out here last October to work for DreamWorks Animation on Kung-Fu Panda then got let go in June and just landed a new gig at Imagi on Gatchaman. I'll post about that soon.

duane said...

Sweet, that's awesome!

I'll have to read the blog now. :-)