Saturday, October 27, 2007


Luckily, your's truly is nowhere near any of the fires that have plagued SoCal in recent days unlike the hundreds of homes and thousands of displaced residents throughout the area. These make the Griffith park fires earlier look like a campout in comparison. Gosh, I can't wait to get the family out here.

Speaking of which, Bren just called to announce her first house showing dry-run tomorrow. Richard will be coming by to corral the kids and Bren will be up all night cleaning and painting. I'll be excited when someone signs the dotted line.

This motley crew was the halloween party at Brent's house who is a friend of Tiffany's boss. Tiff loves H'ween and volunteered to cater this shindig. Hermosa Beach is a nice place for the four blocks I saw of it. Cute little seaside houses that are like St. Louis row houses with front driveways and million dollar pricetags. "I am a prisoner of love. You wanna be my last meal?"

Bren sent a huge goodie box of home baked goodness. Apparently she likes me fat. Most will be unleashed upon the unsuspecting Imagi co-workers. First sequence approved for editorial. Yay!

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Ken Mitchroney said...

Get use to it Chris. The valley or the coast alway's burns this time of year. I find it odd that people don't remember this.
Last year it was the valley, year before that it was Newhall and Canyon country. Always somthing burning down south around October.
Good luck to Bren on the showing. It's a nightmare, Cleaning and setting up the house like no one lives there. Plus getting out of the house at a moment's notice. Ugh!
Colin had me send my portfolio back to Imagi. Keep your fingers crossed ,and save me a table at Fudruckers.