Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The waiting is the hardest part

Gonna have to get used to that. Imagi did give us about 3 weeks paid vacation through the end of our contract to find the next job. A flurry of new reels and emails and two interviews later, nada. Even the "gimme" job at Omation fell through. I really thought that was a slam dunk. A Layout guy quits on Barnyard the week after we get the news about G-man. Job is a perfect in to get to know the pipeline and all parties involved so that if/when Sheen gets the go-ahead, I can slip over to lead it. Producer's words, not mine. My fault for expecting it. I was even planning to move south to avoid the train ride. Don't know what happened except nothing. I wished Mike had called but what's he gonna do and he's got other things to worry about instead of whiny me. Miiiiiiiiiiiiike. Whyyyyyyyyyy? We'll see if Sheen gets the greenlight for reals and try again. The other possibility, Halon Previs, has to wait until they actually get a job to work on.

So bailed on L.A. and came home for the twins' birthday #2 on saturday. Today, a ray of hope from Don Reich who passed on info about Disney Toon Studios projects and they are ramping up yesterday. Got a quick contact phone call this afternoon and I'm on the list. If I get the word, I'll be back in L.A. by Monday. Plus, interviews with ReelFX and a headhunter tomorrow.

Just follow the bouncing ball.

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Ken Mitchroney said...

Don't worry Chris, you will be working before i am.