Friday, April 4, 2008

Waiting's Over

If it wasn't apparent, there ain't no Disney gig. Or Omation. Or Dreamworks. Or Imagi. For one reason or another, they aren't buying what I'm selling. I am, however, waiting on Sony and Pixar to make it an even 6. Friends have been very helpful and given up some leads here and there. For now, it's family time. Been back at the ranch with the kiddies playing support to the wife. Still trying to wait for the coin to drop to see who get to work and who gets to stay home. Should be a few more weeks.

My time back in Big D wasn't totally wasted. My super buddy Eric landed me a temp gig at Reel FX working on a SIMPSON'S project!!!! Glee!! Only took 20 years. Through a convoluted series of events, Reel FX landed a part of The Simpson's Motion Ride for Universal Studios Theme Parks from Blur Studios. Seems Blur was sick of all the changes and was leery of making their due date so Reel FX swoops in and takes 2 sequences to model, rig, texture, shoot and render in 7 weeks. Made for some profitable and sleepless weeks. The good news is I seemed to make a good impression on the staff so maybe they'll call me back for a real job. The bad news, no job.

The super cool news was the directors, John Rice and Mike Anderson, Simpson's Alum's, came by the studio to hang out and look over our shoulders. They were awesome. Quoting 'O Brother Where Art Thou' to Anderson was a highlight of my Simpson's geek out. Plus, check these out.

This a snap-together model of "The Homer" from 'O Brother...' and I got the guys to tag it! WOOT! A small token of my experience in Springfield.

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