Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy 4th of July - Belated

SO I thought I'd give the depression a rest and catch up on some "recent" events.

There was a parade in town for the 4th of July. The first we could take the whole fam to. Going up Independence St. (natch) a few blocks to Spring Creek. Next year we should be able to plan a little better a get seats IN THE SHADE.

10 am and we were all sweltering. There were the spindly little Crepe Myrtles in the median and you could see latecomers trying desperately to squeeze into relief spots. And of course we forgot WATER. Luckily, some of the floats provided the masses with bottles. And hey, V made a friend so it wasn't too bad.
Interesting to note was the segregation and depiction of the rival political parties in attendance.
If there was a Republican float, it was flanked by soldiers or other color guard. Usually driving the biggest vehicles to contain all that patriotism.
Democrats had Peaceniks and Drum Circles.

In the middle of it all I spotted a real meaning of freedom and strength. The Falun Dafa Marching Band no doubt afflicted at some point by an oppressive regime on the other side of the world but here, they played great music and reminded us what people will do to reach freedom.
And then came the cars. American muscle always brightens my day.
Mabel's cousin
and one of my dreams:
God Bless America!

and then we went to Target.

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