Saturday, December 13, 2008

A man about town

Couple updates on my various travels around this city.

The first biggie was dropping by the Science-Fiction bookstore in Glendale off Brand Ave to pay respects to the (now late) great Forrie Ackerman. I didn't really know who he was in terms of his contributions to the genre but he is probably as responsible for creating the last generation of sci-fi buffs to get into movies as much as Bradbury, Asimov or Harryhausen. His "Famous Monsters of Hollywood" magazine combed every inch of the universe for space men, evil creatures and damsels in their nefarious clutches. His 92nd birthday was back in November and the bookstore had a special party hosted by RAY BRADBURY who came and sat and signed books. I only wish I had been able to meet him a little sooner but at least I got to shake his hand and thank him on behalf of Dan. Greg and I signed the birthday card for 4E from Wolfgang Von Syffertitz!!! and friends.

A performance on the Theremin closed the proceedings. Perfect.

As Greg and I were wandering Brand I completely freaked out when I looked in a store window and realized I was standing outside of ROUGH DRAFT STUDIOS, makers of the forever fantastic FUTURAMA series!
I want that giant Bender statue in my bedroom. It will be mine.

The other thing that got me out of the house was news that good ol' Kenny-boy was going to be back in town, slinging paint at another car show. After that I got to hook up with him and Steve Boyett at my very first Derby Dolls Roller Derby Match. Two Words: Fucking Rocks! All the girls in my family need to see this in action.

This so up Julianne's alley and the Twins would get into it pretty quick and Bren needs something to vent at. Not just guys screaming at the hot girls slugging away at each other but the women with them were hot for it too. Tons of women were dressed up like Betty Page/Sandra Dee 40's wear, cats-eye glasses, seamed stockings and HEELS! Bands playing, an art show, cool vendors, and Gene Fucking Simmons taping an episode of his Family Jewels show. He and his daughter led a Star-Spangled Banner sing-along before the match with Gene on acoustic guitar. He sat right behind me in the upper deck press box.

This was the All-Star match with players from all over the league teaming up for a final match. The game is pretty easy to follow. Six players on each team per "Jam". Four from each are the blockers or "Pack" followed by two "Jammers" who try to break through the pack helped by their team members. After they break through they must race around to lap the pack and break through again and each blocker passed yields a point. All the while, the blockers are throwing elbows, hip checks, and anything else to stop the Jammers. It actually got close at the end with the L.A. Ri-ettes beating Santa's Little Helpers 71-68. It's kind of a cross between Hockey, Football and Full Contact Lingerie Shopping.

Ken's good friend Sandra, aka "Tara Armov", had invited all of us and Ken made a great trip out of the Car Show and the Derby. He even brought Sandra a Trixie Fink T-shirt he had designed for the show for her birthday.

Sandra has also been immortalized inside the rink as the Rink Rat. Awesome.


Ken Mitchroney said...

Welcome back Chris! It was great to see you there and it sounds like you will be back for more roller derby fun with our pal Sandra.

Ken Mitchroney said...

Welcome back Chris! It was great to see you there and it sounds like you will be back for more roller derby fun with our pal Sandra.