Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Greg Weekend.

He didn't know how I knew but that's what's great about the internet. Also, the internet can bite you in the ASS. If you ever send a blog link to someone, make SURE you log out of the service so the comments don't follow you. RE: State of Imagi 2009

Took walking tour of Downtown LA for the documentary Greg's planning about Bunker Hill and the history of Downtown.

Almost 50 years after City Hall bulldozed two vibrant organic neighborhoods, destroying countless beautiful homes and families to install soulless office towers, they still are trying to "revitalize" downtown and bring people in to live rather than work. It's a ghost town except for the Mexican storefronts up and down Broadway.

A dozen old Movie palaces on Broadway. Some closed, some converted to Mexican cinema, churches.
The Los Angeles theater was open to prepare a setting for Good Morning America presents the Oscars. Cables, Lights, Gaffers, Cameras everywhere and we walked right in like we belonged there. Greg was pretty stoked he got me in to see what they looked like back in the day.

Took in the Farmer's Market. OK prices for not so fresh fare. Decent Japanese takeout.

Finished painting the guest Bedroom/Breakfast Room. Installing light tomorrow.

Circuit City will be no more. Picked up a few DVDs. Horton Hears a Who, Ocean's 11 and Slap Shot. Greg picked up The Mummy 3 and Snatch for some Brad Pitt with his shirt off goodness.

Took Greg to Versailles for his Birthday. Better this time cuz I didn't order the Pork.

Oh yeah and the Oscars were on tonight. 2nd nominee, 2nd loss. To Pixar, natch.

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