Saturday, September 26, 2009

Polar Opposites

So I forgot to mention another film that passed my visual cortex last week. The Haunted World of El Superbeasto got a Midnight screening at the Mann Chinese 6. I had been hearing about this for awhile and wanted to check it out. Apparently there was a comic book by Rob Zombie and this expounded on that. Lots of gratuitous naked chicks fighting zombie nazis. What's not to love? Apparently, a lot. It was retarded and I left feeling hollow. Obviously made because he could, Mr. Zombie will not be receiving an Annie Award for this exploration. If there is a Razzie for animation, this will win it.

On the complete polar opposite side of the spectrum in tone, quality, art, story and lack of nudity was the gorgeous and much-too-short The Secret of Kells.
OK, I can't say enough about this film. It was beautiful. Art. The music, the backgrounds, the character designs, the layouts. Granted, the style is reminiscent of Samurai Jack or Fosters but definitely pushed to a new level. My one beef is that it felt short. Fast. There was so much more I wanted to see fleshed out. Why did Uncle Abbot turn from the Book? Where was the comeuppance for the Norsemen? More adventuring with Brendan and Brother Aidan. I wanted to make them show it again. I was so glad I saw it on the big screen thanks to the La Irish Film Festival. Ironically enough, this and El Superbeasto would make for an interesting double-bill. The ultimate profane vs. sacred smackdown.
As a bonus, Chuck took me to see the newly re-re-re-mastered print of Snow White at the El Capitan. Funny, I know we got the double-disk that came out a few years ago but I guess we never watched it because I had forgotten that much of the dialog is in rhyme. Not sing-songy but has a more natural pace. Brilliance. Chuck's birthday is Sunday. Happy 41st my friend.

In amongst all this animated eye-candy, is there no time to see real people in their natural habitat? not to fear. Before The Kells screening I made it out to Downtown LA for the Red Bull Soap Box Derby! People built awesome racers and created whole skits and music montages to go with their alternate reality. Anything people/gravity powered that can make it down the course and thru the obstacles including ramps and high bank turns. Speed, Style and Execution are all critical for a winning combination. You don't Dance, You got no Chance. Alas I could only join my few thousand friends on the streets for an hour or so. Took the bus, the bus was late, the bus was rerouted to a black hole and I barely made it across town to the Kells screening. Here's some pics:
not a contestant

Much more exciting and populated that the traditional Soap Box race in Pasadena from so long ago.

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