Wednesday, August 23, 2006


So my car's in the shop. AGAIN! In and out for the past month for a phantom overheating problem. One thing gets diagnosed then something new breaks. Back to the shop for a new diagnosis and something else breaks. Repeat ad nauseum. On second visit to second shop. Maybe replacing all hoses. Maybe the heating doo-hickey. Maybe the oil. Maybe a cracked manifold gasket. Maybe gremlins. Who knows? Gotta keep up the freelance to pay for all the repairs but it's going downtown to the freelance that exacerbates the problems and it costs me $150 per round trip! Plus I just know the day the thing is finally fixed, the tires will all blow. I'll be stuck on 75 with two popped tires and a dead cell phone in 104 degree heat and half way between two intersections.

Also. I am trying to get the swing of XSI during the job drought. It's already 11pm and I'm blogging. Sorry, Eric.

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