Tuesday, October 3, 2006


From now until whenever, this blog shall be published from it's new digs in Los Angeles. On October 8, I am flying to L.A. to claim my position of 3D Rough Layout Artist for Dreamworks Animation feature film - Kung-Fu Panda. After months of searching and reels and resumes and cold calls and anguish, I get to keep doing what I love and get paid for it. The move will be solo at first and after 6 months, we'll see if the family joins me out there or I rack up a ton of frequent-flyer miles. I will be buying a "new" car out there since the Neon has been deemed unfit to drive. Couple blown head gaskets = $2000 - $5000 repair bill + a month for parts to ship. Relocation package from DW will cover rental for first month and search for beater will commence quickly.

I will be staying with the lovely and talented Greg Kimble in L.A. for a portion of my servitude. A spare room or the balcony is fine as long as it's free! L.A. rent has knocked me silly. A 1/1 apt that's more than my mortgage! yikes.

While I can't use this forum to reveal any tantalizing secrets or proprietary information I may learn while ensconced in the Glendale campus, I will be using this forum to bear witness as the proverbial kid in the giant candy store known as L.A.
Anything outside of DW's walls is fair game. Celebrity sightings, industry veterans, seaside sunsets, gridlock, smog, roommate shenanigans, depression, comic books, my room's four walls, you name it. It'll be just like college again. Woo Hoooo!

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Tiffany said...

So, I'm still awaiting my validation. But in the meantime, give me a call or something. And tell Greg Kimble I say hello, and would like to here from him also.