Thursday, December 21, 2006

Week before Christmas: ...And then there were two.

It's much quieter around the house lately now that Rafael has moved back to D.C. Everything was going well and he was getting everything ready for the big dream and was taking meetings and signing for auditions and what not ... and he gets the call back form the wife that she's pregnant. Hmmmmm. No wonder she's been acting crazy. Even for a woman. She finally told him at 17 weeks she was due. ??? Was the gynecologist blind? That means she was expecting before Rafe even left. He never got a chance and will be left with the dream deferred. He is driving cross-country this week. Might be in Tenessee by today. He got stuck in Amarillo yesterday for a few hours because of the blizzard which ironically stuck my relative Winnie and her family in Amarillo for three days because 40 was shut down. Hope eveyone's ok and gets there safely.

I'll be home on saturday. Can't wait to see everyone. Got the family Christmas picture that Bren took with the kiddies and doctored it up a little. Saw Virginia's picture with Santa Claus that Nana got a Neiman's. Very nice except Sant's chair was gilded in MONEY. The Xmas tree was festooned with dollar bills! Nice values. Next year we are going to a soup kitchen or giving all our presents to Goodwill. Ick.

I hope we play SherrodCharades at the family Christmas party this year. always a favorite. Especially when Pete gets going. No one will ever beat Moonlight Cocktail.

Merry Christmas!

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