Thursday, January 4, 2007

Post Christmas anticipations

Back in L.A. on Monday. Christmas was great, the kids were fun, Bren was wonderful and it was even harder to leave this time. Over too quickly even for 10 days. Crammed in as much family time as possible with the Sherrod Family Xmas Party, Dinner at the parents, a spa day for Bren, lots of cuddle time and kiddie wrangling, yard work, a night out with Evan, and a champagne toast on New Years. We discussed plans for the future to move or not to move and ended up back where we started. If the idea is to save money and get out of debt, then the answer is to stay the way we are and commute every other month or so. If the idea is to be together as a family then we should move and stay in debt forever. The kids tend to swing the vote to moving but the future leans toward less debt. Back-and-Forth-Back-and-Forth. Bleh.

I got plenty of good geeky things for Xmas even though I shouldn't have. The car was my present. Bren found the All-Star patch for my jersey and was all sneaky about it. Plus a Stars lisence plate cover and MN Wild bumper sticker. Also some DVDs like Boondocks, Simpsons 8, Robot Chicken, Animaniacs and Pirates 2 then found The Animation Show at Target this week so my cartoon jones has been sated for awhile, plus Simpsons 9 is waiting for me when I go back in February. Woo Hoo!

Rafe and I got Greg a brand-new cast iron skillet. I signed the note: Merry Christmas from your Bitches, Chris & Rafe. He was rolling. Greg got me a sun roof visor for the Honda so I can get some character into the Ferret. I want to get some color on the outside like striping or paint the door mouldings an electric blue. Cheapest would be to mask it off myself and Krylon it. Should check into that. A new steering wheel cover might be nice too.

Rafe made it back to the East Coast and spent Christmas in Connecticut. Rather picturesque if he didn't have the prospect of unfulfilled dreams. There but for the grace of God, go I if I ever leave here. Three months in and already got my hand slapped. If I had something to work on I'd probably be pretty docile. New sequence coming today I hope. Tired of surfing the same dozen websites.

Rumor has it the new roomie is to be arriving soon. A kid Rafe knows is trying out the dream and coming to live with US. Hope we don't scare him off. MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA.

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