Thursday, March 15, 2007

s-l-o-o-o-w week

Been a while since last post. just work-home-work-home mostly. got a freelance gig done for Sunburn2007 that came out pretty cool if i may say so. a variation on Sunburn2005 design but with spec racers instead of open wheel.

Wandered around santa monica pier couple weeks back and drove through sunset blvd from PCH 1. still looking for housing. lots of places in mind but nothing really sings. i guess that's the danger of moving. you may never find the perfect replacement. out here, everything is small, multi-family, expensive and usually all three. thinking about burbank, altadena, encino or south of ventura blvd, simi valley (if the strontium-90 reports come back negative), sunland was recommended, and valencia is always a backup. i'd like to be within a 20-30 mi. radius but man the freeways suck.

Greg will be flying back east next week to pull the plug on dad. they give him 2 weeks tops depending on his abilities. dad's done with medicare so he's moving to a hospice for the duration. greg will be out there for 2 weeks or more so he'll miss bren coming in next weekend. yay! sex! with my wife! just me and the teenage hermit back at the ranch til april. i need a hobby. that doesn't cost money. or effort. something like watching tv but without the guilt.

bren sent me pics of the little ones from their 1st birthday shoot. i have cute kids. hope they stay that way. another cute kid, my cousin's daughter Maggie came to visit this week with her mom Nicholle from St. Louis. My house is awash in estrogen. poor Sam. i guess he can handle it right now. probably doesn't know what estrogen means. bren will be getting the office ready for the move. provided we do move, i don't know how i'm going to get to help. probably will cash in the rest of my vacation for the year and drive, drive, drive.

and will be discontinuing the show after friday. i came to that party late but it really grew on me. even submitted a power move. that guy will be hosting his own show in a year. interviewing his cat and ray.

i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i'm about to whip somebody's ass..........

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