Thursday, April 19, 2007

recent developments

Got a little geek-out last week. Met one of my heroes Bill Plympton! Came for a Q & A at Dreamworks in front of his L.A. release of Hair High. Gonna completely miss seeing it. Left for Dallas on opening day and was working this evening on the last day. I've heard about this film for almost 5 years. I bought the prelim art book from the comic shop in 2002? maybe earlier.

Went home for the weekend. Emily Jane got married at Scarborough Faire all dressed Elizabethan. Very festive. Very cold! Snow on Easter and bitter winds the next weekend. They should call it Polar Warming. Makes more sense since the ice caps melt, raising the sea level causing massive weather changes like snow in April in Dallas! Great to play with the kids especially Sam. he's fun. V is really in need of serious boundaries or a serious ass-whippin.

Before i left i had a "meeting" with the facilitator for Layout at DWA. Plus and HR flack. They told me they weren't picking up my "completion of services" part of my contract because they don't know what the future holds for the next couple productions. Bees is set to start rolling off bodies with Creature Feature ready for ramp up soon. Dragons got a new director so it's hard to say when they will get their vision approved. DWA seems to have overstaffed Layout so they don't know what to do with all the extra bodies. I didn't catch on to the big picture and let them play me like it was my fault or poor communication or a rift with Yung Duk. Now i have to weasel out of a meeting between HR, YD and myself before next week. Maybe i can get to talk to YD at Gary's party saturday.

Stars beat Vancouver tonight to stay alive in Round 1. Two more wins to go.


Ken Mitchroney said...

So Chris, Now what?

C:) said...

now, try to get the family out here and make a go of it. lots of studios. feels too new to burn bridges already.