Thursday, September 27, 2007

Emotional Day

Sent a letter to my mom that was justified but not well received. The short answer, mom gets to do what mom wants regardless.

Bren blew up at me for making it sound like it was all her fault. And then apologized for yelling (!)

A very good friend and talented artist, Joe Riley, died yesterday. Massive heart attack at 43. He helped me with character sketches of Skeet for my St. Fiacre short. Need to find those and frame em.

On the plus side, Ken Mitchroney dropped by the studio for lunch on a whirlwind tour of the Valley studios looking for work. Gave him a look around Imagi and he bumped into pal Brady, the director of Astroboy. Probably broke protocol bringing him in and catching the director flat-footed but hey, he's not my director.
Met up with Ken, Tiffany and others from Ken's story dept on Ant Bully for dinner and drinks. And man I needed it.

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Ken Mitchroney said...

Good seeing you at lunch dude. It was also great hooking up with Colin again. i had not seen him since he was at Lucas film. And no i don't think you broke protocol. He even gave me a tour of the studio and the Astro Boy project.
I will be checking in with you all next trip. I just stole this picture for my blog. Thanks!!