Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Post!!

Found this on Cartoon Brew. Very clever.
So I haven't posted in a while. Currently busy with Gatchaman. Planning on going home next week for Virginia's birthday. Ken Mitchroney is scheduled for lunch tomorrow. Maybe I can land him at Imagi on Astroboy. He knows the director.
Had a RLO kickoff party at Don's saturday. Lots of crew and friends showed up. Going to be a good group. I really feel at home here. Reminds me of DNA being a ll laid-back and garage-band like. At least this production has drywall that's connected to something. The stint during TMNT was horrific to say the least. Imagi had rented space in the basement of an office tower that was the storage area for all the other offices. It smelled like a sewer and when forklifts would bump the walls, the room would shake. No A/C. Parking lot fumes. I'll take the bullpen, thanks. Word is, we are moving into our new digs down the hall and we'll be issued our own cubicle! Now if we only had something to work on...
Tiffany's birthday was last week. I was thiiis close to singing "Pride and Joy" by SRV. Then the bar closed. oh well.
Greg has been redecorating my room lately with new bedding and drapes. He needs a (blow)job.

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