Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm totally geeking out about it

Been watching Ratatouille past couple days. Borrowed a screening copy from Josh and shared it with the guys at home. I still laugh even though i've seen it a couple times already which Greg noted. This movie is so beautiful and totally feels like a live-action film except for the walking talking rat. There's lots to learn here and there's a lot of Pixar just showing off. What's left to conquer? They do water great, fur great, hair, wind, character, timing, lighting...what else is there? Probably why Brad wants to branch out into live-action with 1906 and the John Carpenter of Mars series. I can't wait for WALL-E - An opening scene with virtually no dialog for 20 minutes? Then there's UP - a story of a septuagenarian and a forest ranger solving crimes in the Pacific Northwest? I love it already! Note: these are the rumors i have gleaned from conjecture, hearsay and the internet so what do i know? Oh and if the UP premise isn't correct - DIBS!

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