Monday, December 10, 2007

Imagi Xmas

Merry Christmas Everyone! If you've actually been following this terribly updated blog, Congratulations! You. Are. Bored! This past weekend was the very first Imagi Studios Christmas Party ever.
As you can see, it was a rockin' good time. Various staff members formed a n impromptu house band for the evening and they kicked some hair-band ass!

No song performed was pre-1990 so you know it was Party-riffic.

The band was led by none other than our Producer Gayland who long ago, back in the dark ages known as the late 1980's, he was a member of a metal/Zeppelin-esque rock band called Kingdom Come. They had an album or two that did ok and then Grunge came around and killed the dream.

But man does he shred on Wild Thing!

Plus, I finally got to meet our fearless leader, Francis. Owner of Imagi, fashionista and nice guy. We shook hands and I said thanks for the experience. No brown-nosing, just friendly face-time.

In other news, I saw Golden Compass with the RLO crew at Universal on Friday. I will say the digital elements definitely looked like they were supposed to be a part of the film. No inconsistencies like Beowulf. A little too much exposition to explain this new world. Every new character got a speech we had to sit through. The girl carried the WHOLE film. I was impressed. The pacing had a lot of stops and starts. I don't know if it was the full on AC or holding back a pee-break for half the movie but it took forever to get that movie going. Overall, I give it a B. Will probably set up a movie-hopper day for Sweeney Todd, I Am Legend, Charlie Wilson and maybe Enchanted. We'll see.

ADDENDUM: Something else about the Golden Compass. The Compass itself was a little confusing. I wish they had explained or shown how the compass worked but the part where the girl would set the dials and then be shown the answers reminded me exactly of the Jimmy Neutron Brain Blast. Think.....think....(camera dive, pulsing brain, ghostly images, describing the solution)...Brain Blast!

thats all.


felixip said...

hi Chris, this is felix from imagi HK. It seemedto be a very fun party! :P

Ken Mitchroney said...

Sounds like fun Chris. Are you going to get back to Texas for the holidays?

C:) said...

Oh, you betcha! Got a full week thanks to the "Imagi Exchange Program TM". i hope to catch up with Johan and Eric if possible.
Loved your RatFink girlfriend post.
See ya!

Ken Mitchroney said...

Thanks Chris,
Have a great Christmas break , and say hi to all of our old gang back in Texas. When you get back we will go see Sandra beat the hell out of the other girls at the Derby Dolls.