Monday, October 6, 2008

Hirsute Update!

Shaved off the goatee. Fresh-faced stranger staring back at me in the mirror.
Still dorky, Less grumpy. And fat.

Otherwise, still in Plano, still hunting, still jobless. I was finding myself obsessed with the cellphone and the laptop willing it to ring or drop an email with a golden ticket of employment. Sucker. A series of carrots that were ultimately yanked away. Double whammy last week with both Blue Sky AND Imagi coming up empty. So all that's on the horizon is a spot at Technicolor Interactive on an In-Game Cinematics team for a game that hasn't been announced yet. For the past 6 weeks. I even had the lead agree to the two-day drive to get back out there. Soon. Very soon.

And so, our hero spends his time doing family things and keeping the littluns entertained.
Rally Day at St. Luke's

Feed the Ducks Day

"New" Playhouse. Back Alley find. All spiders and syringes were dutifully cleaned out.Post-Sprinkler Time
Playhouse Cafe. Ginny, Proprietor

Future Soccer Star?

Like I said, still dorky.

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