Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Roller Derby 2!!!

Ken came in town so that meant a night on the town screaming at Sandra, I mean Tara Armov. Props to Steve Boyett for upgrading me from cheap seats to VIP. Ding! The place was packed and loud. A big bout between LA and San Diego. LA lost.

After wards was the After Party. Ironically it was at La Cita which is directly across the street from Bunker Hill where I've been shooting the Doc! Ken, Steve and I found a nice spot in the back and the rounds began. It wasn't too loud that we couldn't talk but we were just having a good enough time that it didn't matter. Got to chat up my new friend Steve and got the skinny on Ken's new gig at Omation. Maybe someday I'll land there but not until Ben calls me back. Eventually enough social lubricant and Sandra was around to unleash the ink. I got me some initiations done.
Fink on the Left.
Tara on the Right.

Bad. Ass.

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