Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Once more into the Breach...

Been swamped at work for awhile now. Getting near the inevitable. Trying to worm my way into sticking around a little longer. "The Little Engine" is underway and needs help but no money. No Layout. Still in character design. Animatics are being produced and then we'll see. It's suposed to be delivered sometime the end of/beginning of the year. A Feature length DVD for $4Mil. Quite the cast: Whoopi Goldberg, Patrick Warburton. Had Elle Fanning, Dakota's little sister but she got canned.

Crest wants me back for "the next project" whenever that will be. Demo Reel Production has begun. Couple clips from AO and clip from Simpsons. First 5 will go to Pixar, Lucas, Omation, Nick and ReelFX. Back to the Job Boards and recruiter calls. Sometime soon I plan on getting back home. There is a family vacation in July that we've been planning for months. Just a matter of if I fly home or drive home. Will need to get the car back to the state line for registration sometime this summer. Not real sure how it going to play out yet.

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