Sunday, November 19, 2006

Week 6: And then there were three.

So i've been looking for a car for the past few weeks. Not so much luck. Using craigslist and ebay mostly. trying to find something with 4 drs, automatic, under 100K miles and less than 10 years old. Honda, Toyota, VW preferably. there are a few out there but it takes a lot of time. Came close to a Jetta today but was sold before i got there. craigslist has had a few "scams" on their site. Cars that seem too good to be true or aren't actually in the state that i can get delivered sight unseen. no thanks. I have a couple on ebay that i'm scouting so we'll see. Gotta find something before my rental car is up in December.

And we are Tim-less. For the past couple weeks he's been slowly removing himself from the premises. Kinda creepy having him float around the house tying up his loose ends yet ignoring us like he's on another plain of existence. Greg is very relieved to see him go. Had he known how reluctant Tim was to any sort of interaction or civility, he never would have rented to him. Rafael has moved in to the newly vacant so i don't have to be quite so tippy-toe in the morning. Greg's thinking about closing in the back porch into a lounge or maybe a new office so i'd have the room to myself. Rafe's talking about getting his Bowflex shipped out here cuz he's worried about being flabby. I'll pitch in for shipping to share it cuz i know i won't find a gym. I have noticed the flab wiggle taking longer to subside.

And i get to go home on Wednesday. Bren will be meeting me either dressed to kill or not depending on timing. Dressed to kill means the pink camisole, the A-line skirt (no i don't care how it fits), the strappy sandals or something that shows off the ankle bracelet, and a smile.
Uh, oh. excuse me for a moment.

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