Sunday, November 5, 2006

Week 4: In L.A.

IN THE NAVY! Our wonderful host Greg owns a 30 ft. sloop in the Santa Monica Pier and we got to go out in the bay on Sunday. The wind finally kicked up in the afternoon and Greg had been jonesing for some boat time for awhile. Greg turns into a completely different person on the waves. Much more sure of himself and moves with purpose. We went most of the length of the bay back and forth. Very exciting. A little choppy cuz the wind was pushing towards the coast. Which led to Raf and me to start feeling a little queasy. Sorry Landlubbers we. Plus the breakwaters covered in Pelican shit was not helping. Greg was lamenting about how there's nowhere to go really in the marina. No places to sail to and tie up the boat like at a restauant or an island. Catalina is too far for a short trip. And it's way too expensive to juant for a night over. Not like the East coast apparently. Places and diners that you can ONLY get to by boat. Also, the marina is getting a major facelift and all the old 3-story apartments and 30 ft slips are being torn out for 5 + 6-story apts with 50 ft. slips. And raising the rent designed to push out little guys like Greg. He complains alot about the rent or the upkeep or repairs but you can tell he really really loves it.

Then because we could and we are very big geeks over at Casa de Greg, we celebrated Halloween by terrorizing local kids as they came to the door looking for Trick or Treats. Rafael, the actor, spent $10 on some candy and some plastic table cloths and dressed himself up as some creepy guy with a garden fork for a hand. He stood in one corner of the front patio and when kids would come to the door to ring, I would come to the door and pretend to hand out candy. Then while the kids were distracted, Raf would jump up behind them yelling "HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!" Some kids peed their pants, some screamed, some fell on the floor and quivvered. It was beautiful. A true testament to our art of misdirection. And Greg didn't want to play. Says he needs someone to do it with. He needs a husband so bad. And in honor of the occasion, we unleashed TROGDOR the Burninator on the unsuspecting populace.

And Nov 3 was the release date of Flushed Away GO SEE IT! In honor of the day, DWA held a field day in the back parking lot complete with a giant inflatable toilet slide and toilet go-carts. I got the complete collection of McDonald's Happy Meals toys of the cast. Finally something to dress up my desk area. Only two and a half more weeks til Thanksgiving. See you soon.

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