Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Week 7: After Thanksgiving

Going home was bitter-sweet. Getting to see the family and the babies and Bren was wonderful but went by so quick. Barely had time to enjoy Bren's company a few times before I was back on the plane. The kiddies are adorable. Thursday morning we woke up the twins and Natalie popped right up and gave me a huge smile. Sam took a little time to focus then he was just as giddy. Virginia had trouble the previous night because she was so excited about me coming home. Went out for a walk that morning with her at the playground. Took lots of pictures.

By the way, I got a new phone with a camera (never thought I'd need one) to replace the brick I was using in LA. The pics look ok but right now they are trapped on the phone until i get a memory card to release them to the Puter. I will post pics for the past few weeks very soon.

Had dinner at the parents' with Gina, Margaret and Uncle Nick. Made out our Christmas lists and wondered how two of my sisters came to be football fans. I guess for the same reason Bren became a hockey fan. Ooh! Got to see the Dallas Stars play finally. Good game without Turco. Stars over the Kings 5-3 by way of empty net. WOOT! I'm training the twins to be hockey fans too. SCORE!

Bought a fake Christmas tree this year for the first time ever. Granted my mom never had to be alone for months at a time. Hopefully, Bonnie and Larry will help out when they visit next month. I have even more respect for my wifey now that I've been home and seen the demolition crew in action. Name your price sweetheart! I also have to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who has come by to help Bren in the evenings. Family, friends, acquaintances and adopted grandparents. St. Luke's is the best and we are so grateful and blessed. We can't thank you enough. Bren has started to get used to the idea of moving to LA. Pros and Cons to both scenarios but the biggest con being me not at home. Maybe we can rent out the house in Plano while renting in LA. Don't get me started on home prices in LA. We in Texas don't realize how good we have it. LA has reached a critical mass in housing and commute distance. Only time will tell if the bubble will burst. Rents reach nearly double our mortgage back home. for less Square footage and amenities. Lots of food for thought.

Back home in LA, the car search continues. Got one in mind but I need to drive it and get it checked out hopefully before someone snatches it away. Trying to not get too excited and impulsive but I want it I want it I want it. Fingers crossed for Friday.

The Ant Bully has hit the DVD shelves! I HATE the cover art. Lucas looks retarded. Doen't convey any of the action or wonder of this little gem of a movie. Anyways, on a more selfish note, yours truly is featured in the supplemental material on the DVD! Check out the interview with John Davis and track about 11 minutes in. I am the face of Layout for DNA and I need a shave. Also featured in Layout are Rod Douglas and Mark Gelfuso. Todd Fechter, Tom Jordan, Ryan Michero, Mark Theilen, Sarah Mensinga and Johan Klingler make appearances as well as the puppeteering skills of the animation department. It was a wonderful time that I can only hope will be repeated someday.

Til next time!

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