Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas and a New Year

Merry Christmas y'all. I'm wishing everyone's New Year holds much treasure.

2007 is history and completes my first full year of migrant work for the animation industry. There were a few ups and downs: Got kicked out of my first big studio. Went to Siggraph. Got hired at a new studio (see Siggraph). And that was within 2 months. We'll see how long it takes next time. Saw some friends, made some contacts, went to the beach, went sailing, protesting, a little hero watching. A satisfying year. Through it all I had the love and support of both my wives and all my children. :)

Spent Christmas in Dallas with all the clan. Bren and the kids early Xmas morning (they made out like bandits), Brunch at the parents with the sisters and their significant others, and Dinner at Aunt Katie's compound with the whole clan. O, the Avarice. Plus a couple days to ourselves to do family outings like the local park and the Dallas Zoo. A very nice walking day with only a touch of depression for the elephants and giraffes.

Imagi was nice enough to give us the week off (after i had bought tickets for early return). Came in New Year's Eve Day and still could have skipped til Wednesday. So spent N.Y.E. with L.A. wife, Greg. Watched a slightly creepy Dick Clark drop the ball and celebrated with a toast of cider and a belt of scotch. Back to reality.

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