Saturday, October 28, 2006

Week 3: Exploring

Very exciting week so far. This spiderweb was right next to my car one morning. I thought it was connected to it. the web was a good 3-4 feet across spanning a 8x8 space. I had to climb over to the passenger side and roll down the window to get the upshot.

Training is coming along nicely. Got to play with a couple shots for retiming and had some ideas to throw out to plus shots. rejected by director eventually but at least i was heard. This week, the advertising juggernuat was allowed a sneak-peek at the next wave of movies from DWA. Lots of marketing and licensing reps showed up this week to find out about Bees and KFP. For KFP, they had a Chinese culture demonstration complete with a Dragon costume, Kung-Fu performances and jugglers. Not to say that's all there is to Chinese culture but that's what works for junkets.

The last shot is pretty cool if you can see that the guy in the middle is bending a spear WITH HIS THROAT and getting a wooden pole broken over his back. Very cool.
And Chris's Hollywood moment of the week:

I met Po!
Fully articulate model based costume walking around DWA for thew junket. Prety Sweet.

The Other Hollywood Moment was getting to hang with my buddy Ross from Cartoon Network who was in town to pitch a project to AFI about creating a online gaming channel based on CN creations for the PS3. or something like that. it sounded cool and a good way to utilize the interactive TV ideas onto a platform that could actually deliver. We hung out at The Standard on Sunset Blvd. Very hip and trendy L.A. hotel. Dinner and drinks by the pool and a vaulted view of the L.A. valley. DJ outpost next to the front desk pumping beats at the little seating area out front. And just to show how cool it really was, there was a very cute piece of decoration lounging in a former fishtank behind the front desk. Surfing on a Mac Powerbook. In tight white short shorts. Gotta love the beautiful people.

Ross and I go out for some air and some homeles guy walking around starts screaming insults at some pretty, young hottie guests at the hotel. Since that doesn't fly anywhere, a couple hotel heavies had to escort him down the street aways. I halfway expected to hear a report the next day "In other news, a homeless man was found in the dumpster behind the Standard..."

And i found out about parking in L.A. $10 until midnight across from the hotel then I found $3.75 forever a block away. Thank god for company expense reports.


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